frequently asked questions

what makes your company different from many others in the market?

We design, install, finance & service LED lighting & solar installations with a national footprint, all with a 10 year warranty covering any material failures & related labor replacement costs. We structure our financing so that our clients are always cash flow positive throughout the 10 year term. This results in dramatic & compelling savings for our clients who typically achieve IRR’s of 30% or more on the cost of a LED lighting installation over 10 years. Bottomline: the only cost our clients are responsible for is the cost of the electricity which, of course, operates at significantly reduced wattage levels as more fully described below. We know of no other credible national company offering this value proposition.

How is it possible by installing LED light to reduce your energy bill by more that 50%? I guess the real question is 50% of what?

LED lights reduce current existing wattage draws of greater than 50%. For example, if you replace a 100 watt fluorescent lamp with a 40 watt LED lamp, by the laws of physics you save 60 watts while maintaining the same luminosity. There can be no other result. We then quantify those direct energy savings using the following formula: (current existing wattage MINUS new LED lamp wattage) x (number of lights) x (run hours of operation) x (current kWh rate). In addition to the savings generated from the wattage reduction by switching from Fluorescent to LED lights there are additional savings generated. One is by the elimination of the lighting maintenance associated with fluorescent lights that cost goes away with LED lights plus a small adjustment for a reduction in AC usage since LED lights operate “cool”, ie., they don’t throw off heat which causes increased AC usage – that equals the total energy savings.

What LED manufacturer does your company use? Not all LED's are created equal!

You are absolutely correct with that statement. We use only major, nationally recognized Tier 1 LED lighting manufacturers with UL or DLC certifications that have unquestioned financial credibility to back up their 10 year material/labor warranty. Furthermore, because of our nationwide operations and large volume of LED business, we can obtain significant discounts from the lighting manufacturers which are not generally available to the public.

When you say no out of pocket cost can you please clarify?

What we mean by saying that our clients have no out-of-pocket cost is that we finance 100% of the cost of the retrofit in the form of a loan or finance lease for usually a 5 year term at competitive interest rates. Therefore, during the loan or lease amortization period clients will be cash flow positive meaning that the realized energy savings will always exceed the financing cost by a minimum of 10% – this amount is usually significantly higher than 10%. Once the loan/lease amortization period is over, clients realize in cash the full amount of the calculated savings. Please be aware that there are significant tax benefits which our clients may be able to realize based on our finance structuring strategy.

How do you measure and verify savings?

For direct energy savings, we do a lighting audit which effectively consists of counting all existing lights & their wattages after which the savings are calculated as set forth above. After installation, we perform a measurement & verification using the IPMV protocol which verifies that the installed LED lights function at the rated wattage levels. A report of this M&V is provided to clients when completed.

When you mention a 10 year warranty....Is that for lamp failure, color shift, reduced lumens???

The warranty covers any failure in the lamp’s operation including its coloring & lumen output. It covers a full replacement of the light and the labor cost associated with the light.

Want to save over 50% on your energy bill?